Simone Magnani is a PhD student jointly at Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Povo, Italy) and University of Genova (Genova, Italy). Currently, he focuses on AI/ML-based detection system and their correlation with network traffic monitoring features. Prior to this, Simone was focussed mainly on traffic monitoring, leveraging technologies such as eBPF and contributing to open source projects. Moreover, he has been member of two cybersecurity italian teams, CeSeNA and pwnthem0le.

Simone is currently open for hiring. His ideal position would be as an Open Source Software Engineer mainly focusing on projects related to network traffic monitoring, service observability and virtualization. He is confident that his positive ‘can-do’ attitude, combined with his technical expertise, would be valuable contributions to the role.


  • Network Traffic Monitoring
  • Observability and Containarization
  • AI/ML-based Cyber Attack Detection
  • Adaptive Systems


  • PhD in Cybersecurity and Reliable Artificial Intelligence, 2020-current

    Fondazione Bruno Kessler - University of Genova

  • MSc in Computer Engineering (110/110 cum laude), 2018-2020

    Polytechnic of Turin

  • BSc in Computer Science and Engineering (110/110), 2015-2018

    Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna


Data and Control Plane

Design and Programming (eBPF)

Machine Learning

AI/ML/DL Methodologies

Cloud Native

Containerisation and Virtualisation

Problem Solving

See, Think, Do


Since 2015


Clear and technical



Fellow Researcher (Internship)

IBM Research Europe

Jun 2023 – Aug 2023 Dublin (Ireland)
Collaborated during my PhD on Federated Learning algorithms and aggregation schemes in case of heterogeneous devices and models in the context of cyber attacks detections.

Fellow Researcher

Polytechnic of Turin

Jul 2020 – Aug 2020 Turin (IT)
Worked for prof. Fulvio Risso in Toshi, a european project. I mainly worked with eBPF, achieving an optimized in-kernel packet analysis for cyber attacks detection.

Software Developer (Internship)

Yoroi S.r.l.

Nov 2017 – Dec 2017 Cesena (IT)

Created an information gatherer system aiming at:

  • Analysing and parsing security logs
  • Gathering potential malicious IPs info
  • Deploying a command line interface tool


Routing Protocols in SONiC (R2O-SON-BRC-SA-R1-M5-E1)

See certificate

Introducing the CLI interface and Interface Configuration (R20-SON-BRC-SA-R1-M3-E1)

See certificate

Redundancy Methods (R20-SON-BRC-SA-R1-M4-E1)

See certificate

Unboxing Open Networking (R2O-UON)

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SONiC Introduction (R2O-SON-BRC-SA-R1-M1-E1)

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Initial SONiC Setup (R2O-SON-BRC-SA-R1-M2-E1)

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