Born to address the PoliTo students labs problem during Covid19 pandemic, CrownLabs is a set of services that can deliver remote computing labs through a per-user virtual machine.

Instructors can provision a set of virtual machines, properly equipped with the software required for a given lab (e.g., compilers, simulation software, etc). In addition, each student can share his remote desktop with his groupmates, enabling multiple students to complete their labs in a team.

Finally, CrownLabs supports also instructors, who can connect to the remote desktop of the student and play directly with his environment, e.g., in case some help is required.

For more information, please visit the project website (Code tag above 🔝)

Simone Magnani
Simone Magnani
PhD Student

A PhD Student currently working on relationship between network traffic features and quality of AI/ML-based detection engines.