Intrusion Prevention and Counter Attack System (IPCAS) is an open source tool developed to be used during CaptureTheFlag (CTF) Attack/Defense cybersecurity competitions. It provides full service monitoring, looking for incoming malicious HTTP requests. In fact, during such competitions, while you try to steal other participants secret information to get points, they will try to hack your system stealing yours. IPCAS detects when your system has been compromised and, while it prevents the attack to be successful by providing a fake flag to the attacker, it will replay the same malicious request to all the other teams.

IPCAS exploits mitmproxy, monitoring and forwarding request to the specified service.

For more information, please visit the project website (Code tag above 🔝)

Simone Magnani
Simone Magnani
PhD Student

A PhD Student currently working on relationship between network traffic features and quality of AI/ML-based detection engines.