Born as research project years ago, Polycube is an open source software framework that provides fast and lightweight network functions such as bridges, routers, firewalls, and others.

It exploits both eBPF and Linux Kernel to perform Virtual Network Functions extremely fast and optimized. It is written in C++.

My contribution consists in:

  • lighten the Docker image built (from 2.7 GB to 260 MB)
  • extending Dynamic Monitor (Dynmon), a service to dynamically inject user eBPF code, monitor the attached network interface and export metrics
  • addressing packet timestamp problem
  • introducing newest kernel structures support
  • optimize and extend the Firewall service for batch operations
  • writing a flexible Profiler framework
  • completing documentation and tests

For more information, please visit the project website (Code tag above 🔝)

Simone Magnani
Simone Magnani
PhD Student

A PhD Student focused on relationships and performance of the underlying Network traffic monitoring feature-gatherer process and AI/ML based Detection Engines